Beautiful on the inside too.

Delicate pink in colour, made seriously for serious fun and perfectly packaged in a timeless, elegant French-style bottle. We only make a small number of bottles each year and the 2023 vintage is out now.

“It’s what’s inside that shines” has been the ethos behind each vintage of our limited edition Reserve Rosé. This elegant, natural beauty doesn’t scream look at me, yet it captivates from first glance. A beautifully balanced Rosé that’s made for celebration, this wine is part of our premium Reserve range.  But unlike our other Reserve wines, this Rosé has been produced as a limited run.

Sold as 6 bottle cases or single bottles in an elegant gift box. Wairau River 2023 Reserve Rosé says you’re beautiful on the inside too.

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Rosé, made seriously for serious fun.

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