Sustainability at Wairau River

As a family making our living from the land, our decision-making has always been grounded in our responsibilities to both the environment and people. Recognising that traditional farming was not the best fit for our land was the first step towards growing grapes. From land to table, Rose Family Estate is committed to not just mitigating but positively impacting our environment and people. We know that to do this requires creative thinking, innovative solutions and action. It needs to be a way of life.​

Our sustainability initiative is founded on three pillars


Plastic and Packaging:
To minimise the use of new materials in our products and achieve zero waste to landfill at our sites by 2030.

Learn more about what we’re doing with glass and plastics.

Climate change:
Continue to measure our in-house emissions and take actions to mitigate and reduce these.

To increase our use of renewable energy inputs and meet our energy reduction targets

To improve the quality of water and enhance the health of freshwater biodiversity in our community.

Learn more about actions we’ve taken to save water and energy

GROWN WITH CONSCIENCE (This also falls under our Social pillar)
Plant protection and soil:
To understand, reduce and mitigate the impacts of pests and diseases and to protect and enhance soil health.

Learn more about what we’re doing to protect the soil and environment

Ethical procurement:
To ensure all the products and services we procure are aligned with our Procurement Policy – to help enhance environmental and societal well-being and transparency.


To ensure our business has a positive impact on all employees and our customers; and to be a business of choice for workers.

Community engagement:
To continue strong, long-term partnerships with charitable organisations that enhance our community.


Governance ethics and communication:
To install an ethical and impact-conscious culture and accountability through excellent governance and communication.

Learn more about Sedex and SWINZ

We have aimed to align our sustainability strategy with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, safeguard the planet, promote prosperity through gender equality and education and ensure peace.
This allows us to find ways to contribute that fit our capabilities and aims. Of the 17 SDGs, we are proud to be able to align our aims with 11 of them.

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