Wairau River Reserve Marlborough Botrytised Riesling

Our Botrytised Riesling is a single vineyard wine and grows in the Rapaura vineyard right outside the winery.   Only made when perfect conditions allow the  Noble Rot (or botrytis) does two things to wine: it intensifies the sweetness level and adds flavor complexity.  Botrytis causes grapes to dehydrate while maintaining sugar levels. More grapes are needed to make the same amount of juice and therefore the juice has higher sugar content. Dessert wines made from Noble Rot grapes are more viscous and sweeter. It’s got the backbone of a great Riesling, with a glorious gold glint, orange marmalade, apricot and toffee aromas, sweet opulent palate and a clean lingering finish – perfection especially with blue cheese or crème brûlée.



Customer Care: winery@wairauriverwines.com

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