Celebrating 30 years of Wairau River


With Vintage 2021 happily tucked away in tanks and cuves we can relax a little and take some time to reflect.  This was Wairau River’s 30th vintage.  So much has changed in 30 years, yet so much remains the same: we may be a slightly larger team, have a few more hectares of grapes, a winery, a bottling line, and a restaurant, but above all, we remain family owned and run with the same passion for our people, our land and our wine. 

Every vintage has a different story and every member of our team has a part in them.  Our 30th Vintage has been no different.  With the ‘Covid effect’ still in play, uncertainty around staffing over harvest (a time when our winery team grows from 6 to around 18, of mostly ‘traveling winemakers’ from overseas) made for a slightly nervous lead up to harvest.  Despite these challenges we gathered a team made up of Kiwis, Canadians, French & Americans already in the country, and we can now look back and say “that was awesome!”.   With vintage beginning unusually early in March, and with great weather  and no disease pressure, we were able to bring in fruit precisely when it was perfect.  The unusually early start to the vintage brought an added bonus for the vineyard & winery team: time off over Easter.  The best part of the story this year for both you and us, is the exceptional quality of the fruit.   The winemaking team are excited by the wines they will be bringing you from 2021.  the first will be released around July this year.

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